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{{'This policy applies mostly to Business or Commercial users that receive payments from other users who fund their EziPay Accounts via Visa'|translate}} {{'or Master'|translate}} {{'Credit / Debit cards. The following is designed to protect both you and your customers.'|translate}}

1. {{'Visa Card Fraud/ User Impersonation'|translate}}

{{'By using EziPay, you are agree to always use a Visa'|translate}} {{'or Master'|translate}} {{'chargeback_partial_key1'|translate}} {{'authorized'|translate}} {{'by Visa'|translate}} {{'or Master'|translate}} {{'chargeback_partial_key2'|translate}}

2. {{'Refused and Refunded Transactions'|translate}}

{{'When you upload, send or spend money via a Visa'|translate}} {{'or Master'|translate}} {{'chargeback_partial_key11'|translate}} {{'or Master'|translate}} {{'Credit / Debit card is subject to various due diligence test.'|translate}}
{{'You agree that you will not hold EziPay liable for any damages resulting from these due-diligence procedures that may result in a payment decline or chargeback.'|translate}}
{{'Any fraud-claimed, refunded or denied payment will be returned to the rightful account bearer or to the original Visa'|translate}} {{'or Master'|translate}} {{'chargeback_partial_key4'|translate}} {{'& Master card.'|translate}}

3. {{'Your Liability'|translate}}

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